Dragoste si atasament

Posted: iulie 20, 2010 in relatii

„Some studies of love and attachment suggest a link to pursuit. Williams and Schill (1994) describe people with a selfdefeating
personality as high in a mania love style, which is possessive, dependent, and jealous. „Once in a relationship, they appear to strive constantly to attract a partner’s attention and are intensely jealous” (p. 33). Sperling and Berman (1991) also described people with a style of „desperate love” as people who have:

experiences such as a feeling of fusion with the lover, a sense of urgency about the relationship, an overwhelming desire for and anxiety concerning reciprocation, idealization of the lover, feelings of insecurity outside the relationship, difficulty with interpersonal reality testing in the relationship, anxiety at separations, and extremes of happiness and sadness. (pp. 47-48).

Not surprisingly, they found that such people could be characterized by more dependent attachment styles.”

Spitzberg, Dark side of close relationships, 1989.


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