Imaginea de sine

Posted: iulie 20, 2010 in Uncategorized

„Probably the most important reason why we remain unaware of the reasons for many of our emotional experiences is that we would rather not know the truth, since it violates our cherished views of who we are and what we are like. We would often rather fool ourselves about our wishes and beliefs because they impugn the picture of ourselves that we want to maintain. We spend a great deal of our energy protecting this self-image, justifying our actions and reactions.
We also spend a great deal of energy trying to fool others into believing an idealized portrait of ourselves, presenting ourselves as supremely honest, strong, self-directed, decent and concerned about others, smart, and so on. We do this even though we might doubt the authenticity of this self-image, but we often fall for the same line about ourselves we try to present to others.

This defensiveness, both with others and ourselves, defeats a valid understanding of who we truly are. It often takes considerable courage to seek and accept the truth about our strengths and weaknesses.”

Extras din cartea „Passion & Reason. Making sense of our emotions”, de Richard & Bernice Lazarus.

  1. Histrion spune:

    Ciudate incercarile aste ale psihologiei de a realiza imposibilul: obiectivizarea subiectivului. Ca si catalogarea absolutista: tarii si slabiciuni. Nu pricep : intotdeauna lasitatea, de exemplu e o slabiciune iar curajul o tarie? Altruismul e ceva bun si egoismul rau in orice imprejurare?
    Sau, daca ma intorc la antinomia teisti – ateisti, unde lucrurile sint mai clare : credinta e o calitate sau un defect? Mare incilceala intre moral-amoral-imoral! Drept care ceea ce cred altii despre mine e doar cel mult un alt bun prilej de ris pentru mine : de ei sau de mine, dar tot despre umor e vorba ( chiar si negru!)

    • psihologus spune:

      Psihologia spune ca un fapt poate fi vazut si cu valente pozitive si cu conotatii negative, depinde de context. Curajul nu e doar o calitate, uneori e prostesc si duce la autoanihilare. Altruismul poate fi naiv, egoismul poate fi salvator pt o victima manipulata de un agresor. Esentialul e sa vedem si aspectele pozitive si cele negative si sa discernem.

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