Cum gandeste narcisistul cronic

Posted: iulie 28, 2010 in narcisism

What Would Machiavelli Do?

He would exploit himself only slightly less than he exploits others
He would be unpredictable, and thus gain the advantage
He would be in love with his destiny
He would be, for the most part, a paranoid freak
He would always be at war
He would cultivate a few well-loved enemies
He would have a couple of good friends, too
He would acquire his neighbor
He would think BIG
He would move forward like a great shark, eating as he goes

He would kill people, but only if he could feel good about himself afterward
He would fire his own mother, if necessary
He would make a virtue out of his obnoxiousness
He would be way upbeat!
He would be satisfied with nobody but himself
He would treat himself right
She would view her gender as both a liability and an asset
He would use what he’s got
He would embrace his own madness
He would do what he feels like doing, you idiot
He would say what he felt like saying
He would delegate all the crummy tasks, except the ones he enjoys
He wouldn’t exactly seek the company of ass-kissers and bimbos, but he wouldn’t reject them out of hand, either
He would respond poorly to criticism
He would carry a grudge until the extinction of the cockroach
He would lie when it was necessary
He would be proud of his cruelty and see it as strength
He would kick ass and take names

He would permanently cripple those who disappoint him
He would torture people until they were only too happy to destroy themselves
He would feast on other people’s discord
He would make you fear for your life
He would be loyal to the people who could put up with all this
He would have no patience for
He would screw with people’s weekends,
wedding plans, open-heart surgery . . . .
He would put it in your face
He would realize that loving yourself means never having to say you’re sorry
He would have no conscience to speak of
He would scream at people a lot
He would establish and maintain a psychotic level of control
He would follow the money, honey
He wouldn’t be afraid to sling that bullshit
He would eat to kill
He would never retire
He would have fun
Afterword: What Would Machiavelli Not Do?

P.S. Ai recunoscut pe cineva din anturajul tau? Think twice.

Extras din Stanley Bing, „What would Machiavelli do?”


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