Tot pentru fete: evitati the „rape drugs

Posted: iulie 28, 2010 in sanatate

The most popular rape drugs are ketamine and GHB. The victims of rape drugs usually do not remember the event and that’s why most of the rapists are never found.

Rape drug: GHB

GHB (gamma-hydroxybutyric acid) has a sedative and hypnotic effect and it is normally used for sleeping. The effects are similar to MDMA and that’s why its street name is liquid ecstasy. The drug influences the central nervous system and it has an euphoric, sedative and anabolic effects. If it is consumed in smaller amounts its euphoric effect is similar to alcohol (relaxation, happiness, sociability) but in larger quantities it usually causes nausea, vomiting, muscle spasms, dizziness and sleepiness which can gradually cause the loss of consciousness and coma. An overdose can occur from 2g GHB on, depending on the weight and sensitivity of the user. The condition can be life-threatening because a deep coma can cause the breathing to stop, vomiting and aspiration. It is extremely dangerous to mix GHB and other depression drugs (alcohol, heroin, sedatives). The effects of GHB usually occur 10 minutes to one hour after the consumption. The main effects last for two to three hours but they can also be felt one day after the consumption. Regular consumption can cause physical and psychological addiction while the symptoms of abstinence crisis are insomnia, anxiety, delirium, hallucinations, the shakes and excessive perspiration.

GHB is mostly used in the form of a transparent liquid without smell, but it can be also found in the form of pills, white powder or capsules. It has a somewhat salty taste which can be covered up with various drinks. Larger amounts cause complete memory loss or coma. GHB victims therefore do not remember the event and that’s why it is on top of the list of rape drugs.

Rape drug: Ketamine

Ketamine is an anesthetic with a powerful hallucinogen effect used mostly in veterinary medicine. It appears in different forms, most often in the form of a transparent liquid or white powder. Ketamine is classified under dissociative drugs. Besides easing the pain, it also affects perception, causing feelings of detachment from oneself and the environment, detachment from one’s own body (feeling of floating outside the body), visual hallucinations and the feelings of euphoria. These feelings are mostly followed by motion troubles (feelings of stiffness, immobility, sudden and uncoordinated muscle spasms), nausea and vomiting. Overdose usually leads to the loss of consciousness and even death. The side effects are panic attacks, depression and the possibility of mental disturbances. Dangers connected to consumption of ketamine increase if it is used together with other drugs and alcohol. The experts warn that troubles with breathing, hypertension and faster heart pulse can also occur.

Ketamine is also known as a rape drug. It is transparent, without smell or taste. Larger amounts cause immobility or stiffness of limbs and amnesia. Therefore the victims cannot defend themselves and they do not remember the event.”


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