de ce unii sunt slabi claditi

Posted: August 25, 2010 in Uncategorized
if the mother or other parent figure cannot provide these first few needs, the child’s physical, mental-emotional and spiritual growth would likely be stunted. One reason may be that the mother herself is so impoverished and needy that she uses her infant to satisfy her own unmet needs. This is an amazing thing about infants. They can sense that mother is needy, and can eventually detect her specific needs and begin providing them for her. Of course, this carries a major price the denial, stifling and stunting of the infant’s own True Self or Child Within. That price escalates as the child grows into an adult, with resulting physical, mental-emotional and spiritual suffering.
charles whitfield, healing the inner child
  1. Razvan spune:

    hmmm foarte interesant !

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